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Manufacturers Of Laptop Computers

Laptop computers are the greatest thing to ever come along in the computing industry. 

Computers used to be so large that they would fill an entire building, now laptop computers that weigh between one and three kilograms are personal portable computers.  It really is amazing.

Laptop computers are really called notebook computers now.  They are made by a lot of different companies.  Acer makes laptop computers called TravelMate and Aspire.

Alienware, a division of Dell, makes laptop computers as well.  They have funny names for their laptop computers like Area 51 and MJ-12.  The founder of the company loved the television program X-Files.  It was originally established to get into the high performance computer game market which had largely been ignored by major companies at that point.

Apple Computer makes laptop computers.  Their product line is extensive and is one of the biggest manufacturers of laptop computers.  Apple Computer launched their first computer in January of 1984.

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In Europe, the Middle East and Africa laptop computers from Fujitsu Siemens Computers are available for purchase.  The real specialty of Fujitsu Siemens Computers is that they are “green”.  This means that they make sure that their whole range of laptop computers and other products confirm or exceed requirements for a wide variety of ecological and environmental markings.

The small niche market for high performance gaming laptop computers is also occupied by VoodooPC.  This company is based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada.  Their products have been featured in every major PC magazine and they are a recognized leader in the luxury computer market.

Voodoo makes several different laptop computers and desktop computers.  Some of the Voodoo computers start at almost $14,000.  This makes them some of the most advanced, and expensive home computers on the market.

There is even a company that specializes in making really tough laptop computers.  These are primarly used by law enforcement because they withstand vibrations, drops, spills, extreme temperature and other rough handling.  The name of these laptop computers is Toughbook and they are made by Matsushita Electric Industrial and marketed by Panasonic.

Fry’s Electronics sells laptop computers under the brand name GQ for Great Quality.  These laptop computers are made by ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) in Taiwan.  ECS is among the largest personal computer motherboard manufacturers in the world, with yearly production exceeding 24 million units.



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